When terrorists attack, tornadoes make homes disappear, or hurricanes have communities tumbling like building blocks, our hearts weep for those in need. With insight into a world most people are unaware of, Debbie McKinney brings us along on the true story of her volunteer adventures in Bringing Hope: A Diaster Relief Journal. Travel with her through both uplifting and emotionally challenging experiences. An engaging, honest, and heartfelt account of bringing hope to people after 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, northern New Jersey flooding, and Hurricane Sandy. Her daily journals provide a unique view behind-the-scenes of what a volunteer does, experiences, and feels.

Debbie belongs to the following:

  • Wisconsin Writer's Association
  • Wisconsin Writer's Guild
  • Wisconsin Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
  • National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
  • Cedar Creek Central Model Railroad Club
  • National Model Railroad Association
  • Wisconsin Lioness Club, Mauston
Don’t wait for the right time, Make it the right time - Volunteer.
— Debbie McKinney