Today I was compelled to write.

 IT'S 9/11 AGAIN

A time to remember those who died and their loved ones

A time to remember the cost of freedom


It's 9/11 again

Remember the first responders who arrived to help

Remember everyday people who became heroes

Remember those who were able to flee

Remember the volunteers who searched

            an endless pile of rubble

Remember volunteers who brought a little Hope


It's 9/11 again

Hold your loved ones close

You don't know what will happen tomorrow


It's 9/11 again

With a brilliant sky I'll always think of as 9/11 Blue

A beautiful sunny fall day


It's 9/11 again

My heart still breaks in remembrance

The tears still come


It's 9/11 again

Time to set aside the pain of not being able to do enough

Time to get on with the Joy of Living

A reminder to fill every day with LIFE


It's 9/11 again

Thank God for another day

Thank God for the loved ones who surround me


by Debbie McKinney