Bringing Hope: A Disaster Relief Journey

Excerpt from Chapter Nine - Hurricane Katrina Arrives, 2005

We are warned well in advance when hurricanes are on their way. It’s reported on news and weather channels for days and weeks before it finally hits land. Like most bad things in life, we hope it won’t happen to us. We really don’t want other people to be hurt, but we certainly don’t want our own home destroyed. Sometimes we’re foolishly sure we will not be affected. Some people make a choice to not heed the warning and evacuation announcements. They would rather tough it out. People who live away from the coastal areas wonder why someone would build or buy a home in an area where there is a risk of having their home destroyed by wind and water. But no matter where you live there is a risk of one sort of natural disaster or another. It could be tornadoes, flood, earthquake, tsunami, or avalanche. Disasters can strike anywhere at any time.