Excerpt from Chapter Six - Every August - After 9/11

"I am still affected each fall even though many years have gone by. In August I start to get crabby. My mind knows the day will arrive again soon even if I don’t consciously think about it. As soon as I sense the crabbiness returning I have to work hard to make it appear as if all of the little minor annoyances in life don’t irritate me. I’m not always successful. Craig will remind me if my irritation shows too often. If I tell him it’s just because September 11th will come soon, he nicely suggests maybe I should “talk to someone” about it. But why? We shouldn’t forget. As mid-August approaches, I start to get emotional and cry easily, sometimes spontaneously. Not hard and not for long periods. Then the nightmares start again. Not bad ones. Just unhappy dreams I barely remember come morning."