Chapter Four               April 22

When we are in conversations with other individuals, sometimes the discussion may turn to events of 9/11. Inevitably we are compelled to share where we were and what we were doing. We patiently listen as others tell their tale. Then, when our turn arrives we share our story. We all have one. On that day, two of my three daughters were out of the country. One was on her honeymoon in Mexico, the other was in the Army, stationed in Bosnia. I was concerned about both of them. Thankfully, my youngest daughter was safe here at home. Chapter Four shares the stories from my family and coworkers. It is an intriguing collection of memories, emotions, and fears.


Bringing Hope: A Disaster Relief Journey

Excerpt from Chapter Four - Where Were You On September 11, 2001?

My oldest granddaughter was at her Grandma Marsha’s house, because her mom and new step-dad were on their honeymoon in Mexico. Paige was staying home from school since she was not feeling well. As she lay on the couch the TV was on and she heard there was a plane crash. In her six-year-old mind she thought there was only one airplane in the whole world. She thought her mother and step-father had died. Grandma Marsha had a hard time convincing her that her mother was okay. Once she had a chance to actually talk to her mom she felt much better.

In her early years of grade school, the teachers tried to shield the events of 9/11 from the young students. In middle school, they were included in the 9/11 memorial events. It wasn’t until she was a senior in high school when one or two of the teachers really got them involved with what happened that day. It was in a high school senior psychology class where they discussed the mindset of those who jumped out of the buildings. The people knew they were about to meet death. What drove them to jump versus waiting for death with no means of escape? The teacher thought it was important they know how terrible and real events of that day were.