Bringing Hope: A Disaster Relief Journey

Excerpt from ChapterEleven           Reverse 911 - New Jersey Floods, 2010

"In March of 2010, a nor’easter brought a weekend of relentless rain to the northeastern United States. With more than five inches of rain per day, many areas experienced unexpected flooding. The ground had already been saturated by snow melt from record snowfalls. The Raritan River in northern New Jersey crested more than nine feet above flood level. Shelters were opened in schools and churches. Hundreds of thousands of people were without power for days. In some areas, residents were notified to boil their water. People were able to get around their neighborhoods in kayaks and boats. Some areas had over seven inches of rain in one day, which is more than they usually get during the whole month."

In Chapter Eleven you will read about Bringing Hope to a diverse population in Northern New Jersey, challenges of being a casework supervisor, trials faced by families who have been flooded over and over, the drowning of a young boy in a swimming pool where I stayed, and a pleasant day off of work spent along the Connecticut coastline.